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Intern News 6 – Go for it!

October 27, 2016

Go For It!dilan1

In May, when I started my internship idilan-2
n California, I was excited to experience a new business environment and culture. Looking back, the internship have been very instructive for me.
SUNSTALL offered me opportunities to learn and develop myself in many areas.
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Intern News 5 – Advise for Interns in CA

January 22, 2016

5 things you should prep when coming to the bay area?

– bring a collage-page-001good mood 

– do not forget a wind jacket in San Francisco, weather changes sometimes really fast in SF

– prepare your visa without it will be hard to enjoy all the good things here

– get mentally prepared for the Californian lifestyle

– do not plan everything, sometimes just go with the flow Read more…

Sunstall | Client Testimonial 05 | GC’s view

January 18, 2016


Intern News 004 – Welcome Neslihan!

December 3, 2015

Welcome to Sunstall!


Neslihan is from Turkey, Istanbul. She graduated from Industrial Engineering, and recently completed her master’s in Marketing & Communications Management. Working in San Francisco, the tech capital
of the world, she intends to participate in workshops as much as possible to improve her skills in digital marketing, business intelligence and project management. She wants to learn more about renewable energy concepts, get familiar with solar technology. She aims to research and understand the business practices in the U.S. and note the differences and similarities between home country’s strategies and those of the U.S.
Continued emphasis that made on interactions through social networking within the company as well as environment.

Thank you for being with us and enjoy your time!

Intern News 003 – Jens – Whas up?

October 14, 2015


How are you?collage-page-001 Are you home sick?

Not really so far I enjoy living here in California. I never had the idea thinking about good old cold Germany.

 What have you done besides working?

I  went for road trips with my housemates or my friends. It is never getting boring here. So much to see.

What is different in comparison to Germany?

The weather–> it is warmer

The people–> they are more open

The food–>the quality of the products is sometimes not that good

Working philosophy–> depends from person to person


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Intern News 002 | What’s up David?

September 7, 2015


What’s up in the South?

I’m sent as a logistics person to set up a running logistics concept on various job sites in North Carolina. First I was a bit skeptical when I heard Sunstall is sending me around the US. But now I can see it as a great opportunity to discover the US. Currently, I’m in Midland near Charlotte, NC for a 6 MW project. The next project is waiting though. In a few days I’ll taking off to Nashville, NC.

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Press Release 01/2015 | Coast Guard Veteran strengthens leadership team

August 21, 2015

kelly hatfieldIt is a pleasure to inform you that Kelly Hatfield has joined our management team as the Chief, Operations Manager for Sunstall.  He will take over managing all our solar panel installation projects in the field.  Additionally, he will be responsible for managing our field personnel.

Kelly comes to us after a 30 year career serving in the U.S. Coast Guard. With a wealth of leadership and management experience including program management, serving in command of 3 Coast Guard Cutters, and second in command of leading California’s 4,400 Coast Guard personnel over the last 3 years, his operational experience will be invaluable to our mobile solar installation teams.  He has already spent several months in the field working several Sunstall jobs and is excited to be part of the team.

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